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AS Tracking - Cargo Tracking System in every modal

Posted on 9/27/2017

An unique tool for monitoring shipments has just been released by Asia Shipping. The AS Tracking, an innovative cargo tracking system for freight forwarding, allows the verification of the status of all the loads in all available modals from origin to final destination. Currently, the market offers some tracking systems, but not integrated. You can look at for the load on the air modal in one system; for the sea modal, you must use another and so on, making it difficult to follow.

The tool now works for products such as air import and export, maritime import and export and customs clearance. In brief, it is expected to also incorporate domestic transportation services in the AS Tracking, including cargo on terminal, road and cabotage.

"AS Tracking also brings other new features, like the possibility of monitoring the performance of the shipments and the geolocation of ships and aircraft in real time," said the CEO of Asia Shipping, Alexandre Pimenta. On a map, the customer sees where exactly is that vessel, aircraft or truck that carries the load.

Users are asked to generate a new password at their first access, being automatically entitled to use the AS Tracking. Once logged in, you can watch a short tutorial with the presentation of the main features of the system. In addition to access via browser, the user can free download mobile applications available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

"The search of the shipment can be made by modal and search term. And can also customize the screen and format KPl's reports according to the customer's needs. We are working hard to achieve a tool that will in fact revolutionize the monitoring of shipments, "said the CEO of Asia Shipping.

For more than two decades, the company was founded with a focus on maritime transport between Brazil and China, but soon the Asia Shipping has consolidated its position as a logistics integrator with global presence. Currently, offers logistics solutions, using the most varied modals of transport, and is present in India, China - with several offices - South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as other offices in the Americas, as United States (Miami), Ecuador and Chile.

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