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Posted on 10/4/2017

Surely you have wondered why our company is called Asia Shipping. Today we will tell you the reason for this name and a bit of our experience in the sino-Brazilian trade sector.

It is remarkable the evolution of trade between Brazil and China, presented in the last two decades. And it is precisely because of this strong connection with Asia that our name was created.

Asia Shipping international transport started its activities in Brazil in 1996, to meet the market between far East and South America, more specifically the trade flow China, Brazil and India - three important economies in strong expansion.

The company started its activities more than 20 years ago with the installation of offices in Santos, the largest port in Latin America, and in São Paulo, one of the leading financial and business centers of the South American continent. With the creation of the Asia Shipping International Transport (HK) in 1999, headquartered in Hong Kong, the company gave an important step towards the internationalization and never stopped growing, currently offering services to all continents.

Today, besides having a wide network of representatives in the world, Asia Shipping has offices in 9 countries, 35 different cities such as: Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tianjin, São Paulo, Santos, Campinas, Vitória, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Paranaguá, Itajaí, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Guayaquil, Quito, among others.

We became imports experts for all of Latin America. Thus, it was that in 2015 we integrated the ranking of the 50 largest global companies of freight forwarding from Transport Topics. We were the only Latin American company to be reckoned with!

In 2016 Asia Shipping maintained the number 2 rank in the global database of Dun Bradstreet in the Suppliers Analysis Report (RAF). This statement is attributed to financially solid companies, not having known bad payment record and quickly paying suppliers.

In addition to the reliability of our commercial and operational team, our customers can cunt on a tracking system, the AS Tracking, for monitoring and precise control of all processes, learn more by reading the post here.

Why our symbol is a laurel?

Asia Shipping has the laurel as main element in the composition of its logo, though few really knows it´s real meaning.

The laurels are from Asia minor and are spread all over the Mediterranean region, from Turkey to Portugal, as well as Morocco. Are grown in the USA and southwest regions of the former Sovietic Union.

Discover new paths is what motivates us. You can count on us for your projects and demands at anytime, if you want more information about our services and how we can collaborate, please contact us.