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Carbon Report

The high emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the main contributing factor of the greenhouse effect and the environmental imbalance. Concerned with the health of the planet and of future generations, Asia Shipping, in partnership with Eco Transit from Germany brought a tool that shows the total volume of carbon dioxide from our customers' shipments. This innovative solution is called Carbon Report, and allows the submission of monthly reports for monitoring and thus contributes to the awareness of the amount of CO2 emitted. Our objective is to promote sustainability and actions of environmental preservation, in favor of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, with the purpose of guaranteeing a better quality of life all over the planet.


Asia Shipping’s operations reflect the universal principles of human rights, work, the environment and the battle against corruption. 
The UN Global Compact works with companies to help change the world by creating a sustainable and inclusive global economy that generates lasting benefits for people, communities and markets.
Compact participants are changing how they work while implementing responsible practices and innovative solutions to combat poverty and inequality and support education, health and peace. 
In July 2015, Asia Shipping signed up to the Compact’s 10 universal principles and became an official member of the group. By incorporating the Global Compact’s principles into its strategies, policies and procedures and building a culture based on integrity, the company is not only living up to its basic responsibilities towards people and the planet, it is also laying the groundwork for long term success.


The Tree Bank

Asia Shipping also works to protect the environment. Via the Tree Bank, the company has planted trees in permanent preservation areas, helping to neutralize the CO2 emission from production of its stand at Intermodal South America.  
The Tree Bank calculates how many trees are needed to neutralize the emissions and carries out reforestation in specific area suffering from degradation of local vegetation.  The main goal is to improve people’s quality of life and help protect the environment by offsetting emissions. 
The company also recycles waste and implements other sustainable activities at its Brazilian facilities, as well as increasing employee awareness about the importance of environmental care and protection, as well as the challenges we face in the coming years.