imagem ilustrativa mercado Construction

This industry includes builders and developers using primary and secondary materials and related equipment in the civil construction industry.
This market requires a detailed analysis of import requirements.  In some cases, the sizes of certain items of equipment can also be an issue.
We support this market through our product portfolio that includes a range of specific technologies and processes. 

International Transport

  • Oversize and overweight cargo management;
  • Analysis of best routes, customizing road haulage;
  • Cargo consolidation (for air and sea shipping);
  • Negotiation of free days at the port of origin for consolidation;

Customs Clearance

  • NCM/Product validation;
  • Industry database;
  • Regulatory analyses (MT / DECEX / INMETRO).

Domestic road haulage and terminal services

  • Analysis of the lowest warehousing, shipping and security costs;
  • We partner with reputable shipping companies that offer proven experience. 

International Insurance

  • Asia Shipping has taken out the best international shipping policy with the widest coverage available, up to R$ 10,000,000.00. This means your company can be included as a policy beneficiary and your operations are protected.