imagem ilustrativa mercado Foodstuff

The foodstuff industry includes food manufacturers, distributors and retailers who supply the industry, as well as ready-to-eat products such as olives, raisins, biscuits, chocolate, etc. 

Industry operations depend on logistics controls and cost analyses.  Many of these products are not only perishable, they are licensed by agencies such as Anvisa or the Ministry or Agriculture. 
We support this market through our product portfolio that includes a range of specific technologies and processes. 

International Transport

  • Experience transporting foodstuffs (perishables/temperature/packaging);
  • Specialist Customer Services;
  • Cargo Cost / Urgency analysis.

Customs Clearance

  • NCM validation x administrative processing;
  • Valid foodstuff database;
  • ANVISA x MAPA liaison;
  • Analysis of health requirements;
  • Solid understanding of the necessary regulations (Procedure 5.1 RDC 81/08);
  • Interface between the importer/Anvisa/Mapa/RFB.

Domestic road haulage and terminal services

  • Analysis of the lowest warehousing, shipping and security costs;
  • We partner with reputable shipping companies that offer proven experience. 

International Insurance

  • Asia Shipping has taken out the best international shipping policy with the widest coverage available, up to R$ 10,000,000.00.. This means your company can be included as a policy beneficiary and your operations are protected.