imagem ilustrativa mercado Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry includes durg manufacturers, distributors and retail chains who sell raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry and distribute the finished product, including health, hygiene and other items.  

This industry requires tight control of al permits and documents that need to be presented to ANVISA to support shipping procedures, as they have a direct impact on warehousing costs and clearance timelines.  

We support this market through our product portfolio that includes a range of specific technologies and processes. 

International Transport

  • Transport management (perishables / temperature / entry location);
  • Specialist Customer Services;
  • Cargo consolidation (for air and sea shipping);
  • P.O coordination with the importer and exporter;

Customs Clearance

  • Product x procedure alignment (RDC 81/08);
  • Experience working with all RDC 81/08 procedures;
  • We partner with companies that specialize in product/company ANVISA approvals;
  • Import license controls;
  • We clear blood, reagents, healthcare products, scientific research (CNQP) and liaise with the ABIMO.

Domestic road haulage and terminal services

  • Analysis of the lowest warehousing, shipping and security costs;
  • We partner with reputable shipping companies that offer proven experience. 

International Insurance

  • Asia Shipping has taken out the best international shipping policy with the widest coverage available, up to R$ 10,000,000.00. This means your company can be included as a policy beneficiary and your operations are protected.